Just as you thought our minister of foreign affairs was doing fine - comes this appalling expression of dhimmitude.

Denmark must be very, very quiet (Danish text, registration required)

There's a deep concern in the ministry of foreign affairs that the conflict between Denmark and the Muslim world because of the Muhammed-cartoons may explode again. This is also the background for [foreign minister] Per Stig Møller's appeal to Denmark to show its best good will to solve the conflict and avoid provocations.

[. . .]

The conflict can be rekindled, with new demonstrations and attacks on Danish institutions in the Middle East, because there are governments and other players in the area, who can use the crisis with Denmark to harness and exploit political and religious indignation.

Denmark will for a long time still need support from our allies in EU and from America in order to avoid - for instance - a total trade embargo. But this support will only be there if Denmark itself acts constructively in the crisis through dialogue with the Muslim world.

Or in other words, Denmark will have to tread carefully and diplomatically - and to give in, in the next couple of months - both in relation to the Muslim world and in relation to our Western partners.

In an interview with Berlingske Søndag, the foreign minister Per Stig Møller emphasized, that Denmark can handle a prolonged conflict with the Mohammed-cartoons, as long as we have support from the rest of Europe and the USA.

»As long as Denmark displays a constructive and active attitude, so long will the support from EU be there. Because we have shown that we are doing what we can« he said, and stated it strictly necessary that Denmark continues the dialogue with the Muslim world - also with the imams, who sharply have criticised Denmark.

Eurabia seriously needs to wake up: This is not a "conflict between Denmark and the Muslim world". It's political Islam attacking the Western world and trying to silence its opponents.

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